The exceptional post-christmas demoparty
Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th December 2022
Bingen am Rhein / Germany

Welcome to Zenta

Zenta - The exceptional post-Christmas party for 2022

You may be used to having a post-Christmas party in Germany - TuM / Under Constructions. And this will return. But for 2022 there will be a short interlude from this party series, to bring you are very special event: Zenta.

This is because we had the once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a location so amazing that we just had to do this special event.

Invitation Demo

Watch the invitation demo

This is the PC invitation demo created by UC Gewerkschaft. 

Minimum PC specs: 16gb RAM, 6GB GPU

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Quick Facts


The party is taking place in Bingen am Rhein, Germany. Bingen is close to Frankfurt Airport, and very well connected by Intercity trains. The central station is just a two minutes of walk to the party hall, and direct trains are available from Frankfurt Airport.

Also check out cheapo flight options from Ryanair going to Frankfurt-Hahn - you might be able to get to Zenta for less than 50 €!


We will have a heated and comfy sleeping hall.

Also, the party hall is located directly on the rhine river, and next to them hotels are lined up. There is everything from very cheap up to a luxury SPA hotel. Want to convince your better half to be allowed to go? Book him/her/them a hotel room in the SPA.

We are trying to get a special pricing deal with the cheapo hotel next door so you can just fall out of the door and sleep.

Zenta will be coming in: