Sleeping on Location in the sleeping hall

We will be providing a warm, silent and cozy sleeping hall. As we are still in a pandemic we highly recommend to pick a hotel room instead.

For those who are low on cash we are negotiating a extremely low-cost bed in a reasonable no-frills hotel nearby. Returning visitors from Breakpoint probably know which hotel is meant. Yes, the 50ies phone system with switchboard is still there ;) - we will update this page and announce on SceneCity once the deal is completed.


Below you can find our recommended selection of Hotels. There are more, but the ones listed here we can actually recommend from long-term personal experience.

NH Hotel Bingen am Rhein

This hotel used to have four stars, but a couple of years ago it has lost it's rating. The rooms are rather dated and could use a makeover. The breakfast buffet however is of amazing quality.

Still, this is a pretty good choice if you can get a good deal. Booking through their website usually is more expensive than going via or Acceptable pricing range is between 70 and 100€.

The hotel is next to the river, but also next to the train tracks and the central train station, and the noise level in the rooms is pretty bad. If you don't like train noise, either pick a room with river view, or pick another hotel.

Two minutes walk from from the party location.

Hotel Krone

This is a small and cozy middle-class hotel. 

Expected room pricing is about 55-70€.

Sadly the website is in German, only. You can book them through Their own booking page is available in English language, too. Booking via may be cheaper.

Three minutes walk from from the party location.

Hotel Café Konditorei Köppel 

This is a small 3-star Hotel above a Bakery. The staff is nice, and the Hotel is pretty modern and clean. The breakfast obviously is great.

Five minutes walk from from the party location.

Papa Rhein

This is a brand-new luxury spa hotel that has everything you'd expect from a great Hotel and more. Roof-top pools, a Michelin star restaurant, and obviously lots of spa activity, all directly overseeing the Rhine river.

If you want your loved one who isn't interested in the demo scene to still love you after the weekend, book this Hotel.

Ten minutes walk from from the party location.


Instead of booking a hotel you can also check out AirBnB. There are plenty of nice AirBnBs in Bingen, and most are located in the centre of the city, which will be between a 5-10 minutes walk from the location.