The Location

The extraordinary location and its background

Zenta is taking place in the old town hall building on the banks of the Rhine in Bingen am Rhein, Germany.
The building used to host the "Palazzo" techno club. Palazzo in 1990s was one of the first venues in Germany playing electronic dance music, and over time became one of the most famous techno clubs in Germany. The club accommodated over 2000 people across three floors. Together with Dorian Gray, Palazzo, founded in 1990, was one of the first clubs in Germany to play electronic dance music such as trance, progressive techno, minimal techno, electro, house and hardcore techno. While this status brought lots of visitors and fame to the city, the city government hated the side-effects of thousands of ravers flooding the city every weekends, and used all tools they had to have this end. So after several interim closures, renovations and re-openings, the Palazzo was closed for good in 2003.

As the city of Bingen tried all they could to prevent this club opening again, the building stood mostly unused for the last 20 years. The current owner has finally given up on trying to convince the city to have it re-open again, and in 2023 the building is going to be re-constructed to become a Hotel.

With some local help, we have managed to get the location booked for between Christmas and New Year and make sure the city can not prevent it. This is the one and final chance to use this location for party that does justice to the building's legacy. And this is why Zenta was born as an "exception" in the on-going TuM / Under Construction demoparty series.

In theory the location would be able to easily host 500+ sceners. But of course this number of visitors for a Post-Christmas party is totally unrealistic. So instead we are planning for around 100 participants, and are using the vast space we have to make things extremely comfy in every regard.

One of the many advantages of this having been used as a huge techno club is that it's directly on the rhine, in the middle of the town, and surrounded by everything you could wish for - lots of hotels, the train station, supermarkets, pedestrian zone. And normally having a demoparty location in the middle of a city would be undesirable due to getting in trouble in regards of noise level. But this having been a techno disco means that everything is perfectly shielded audio-wise. While inside we'll be running a huge PA, you won't hear the slightest about it outside the building.


The location
Location overview - Main floor + Zen floor (upper)
Main seating area
View from seating to stage (NOT our "big"screen!)
The zen floor, cuddly corners on the left
View from zen floor to main stage
The gigantic patio 
View from the gigantic patio 
View to stage (that tiny shit is NOT our bigscreen!)
View from zen floor
Main floor with... ravers.
The (silent!) sleeping hall