Live in Concert: Dudelsaladt

nilsmusic's and FeFeTainment's Live-set at Nordlicht left us craving for more. Their glitchy, weirdo, broken, four-to-the-floor approach is as nerd-compatible as the self-proclaimed, correct spelling of their group ▶▽▶E└s▲└▲D┼. And we're very much looking forward to what they put under our musical christmas tree.

DJ Set: Dojoe

Dojoe is well known among the elderly for his performances at retirement homes across Germany, and has livened up quite a few Bingo afternoons with his eclectic selection of Schlager and Country tunes. At Zenta he is going to mix it up a bit by playing his favorite bossa nova tracks from around the world. Bring your crutches and walkers for you will need them.

DJ Set: QM

We requested a Mallwave-set from Team210's synthesizer-affinado. Oddly enough, he's still looking up what Mallwave is. Yet, we're in good faith he's going to satisfy your innermost neon-cravings in the upmost suitable way for the Zen-floor.

DJ Set: rp/rktic

rp adheres to the mighty heritage of Palazzo's calling with a stomping Schranz-Set on the main floor. And soothe the Zen-area with deep sounds under his rktic moniker of Thinner-netlabel fame. Or a worst-of german Kuschel-Schlager. You know you want it, too.

DJ Set: dritter vs messy

Our two tech(nic)-affinados are still in the midst of working out if, what and how they want to stimulate your metabolism. For sure: we're looking forward to the landscape of flavours the two progressive-embracing DnB/Techno/Mashupsters bring to the table.

DJ Set: scamp

The man who single-handedly kept Happy Hardcore alive in hearts for decades certainly invented his own genre at this point. That's still in need of being named. His boundary-defying DJ sets including tons of his own mash-ups are nothing short of labour of love.