Thank you for supporting the Scene!

Doing Zenta with this huge location is a big challenge, including money-wise. It's thanks to our sponsors and supporters that this became possible. 

So, please check out these fine companies and organizations:

Tastatur und Maus e.v.

The association Tastatur und Maus e.V., founded in 2008, has set itself the goal of promoting the demoscene. Originally part of their work was organizing its own demoparty, The Ultimate Meeting. The focus is on activities in Germany, but TuM has been supporting international events in various forms, too.

Right from the start the association has also supported other events of the demoscene, like in the beginning the Buenzli in Winterthur/Switzerland or the Breakpoint in Bingen.

Since 2011 TuM is active as the organizer of the world's biggest demoparty, Revision.

Zenta (and the regular Under Construction party series) is closely related to the old TuM party. We are really grateful that TuM has to decided to support this even massively. 


Hypnolords is a dedicated team of experts developing and optimizing realtime, multicore and embedded software for automotive, medical and industrial applications.

We offer a wide range of services including consulting, designing, developing and structuring software from the early stages to the final product as well as all aspects of development operations.


Nerdherrschaft is an R&D company based in Bingen am Rhein.

We develop hardcore hardware and software projects, from bare metal up to the finishing touch. Typically we are contracted by bigger players that go stuck with their projects and need Nerds to come to the rescue.

We only accept R&D projects that are both fun and challenging. 

Our main competencies include the development of system software (Embedded Linux), hardware development with a focus on embedded and industrial computing (x86 and ARM) as well as broadband technologies.

Nerdherrschaft was founded by scamp, a die-hard scener. A lot of well known sceners have worked and are working with us.

We are constantly looking for Nerds to join us. This right now is especially true if you are an embedded software developer and/or love PCB development.

Check out our jobs page for more info.