Time Type What
Tue, 27 Dec 2022
13:00Event(ONLY) Sleeping hall opens for early arrivals
18:00EventMain floor opens
20:00DJ setrktic
23:00DemoshowDemoshow: Winter Wonderland
Wed, 28 Dec 2022
01:00DJ setBreak
04:00DeadlineThemed Photo and Pixel Graphics
12:00DeadlineTracked and Executable Music
15:00DeadlineAnimation and Wild
17:00EventOpening Ceremony
CompetitionTracked Music
19:00CompetitionThemed Photo
CompetitionPixel Graphics
20:00DJ setektr0 (ZEN)
22:00DJ setmessy & dritter (MAIN)
Thu, 29 Dec 2022
00:00DJ setRonny (MAIN)
01:00DeadlineFreestyle and 4K Executable Graphics
DeadlineStreaming Music
14:00DJ setdojoe (ZEN)
15:00DeadlineSecret Zenta
DeadlineAI Reverse Engineering
DeadlineCombined Intro and Demo
16:30DJ setQM (ZEN)
18:00CompetitionStreaming Music
20:00Competition4K Executable Graphics
CompetitionFreestyle Graphics
CompetitionAI Reverse Engineering
20:30DJ setScamp (MAIN)
22:00CompetitionSecret Zenta
CompetitionCombined Intro
CompetitionCombined Demo
23:00DJ setdojoe (MAIN)
Fri, 30 Dec 2022
13:00EventMain party closes
16:00EventSleeping hall closes