Covid-19 Safety

We know it's annoying, but we are trying to find a good balance between this event being fun, and making it as safe as possible. 

Please make yourself familiar with the concept below. Please only join the party if you are willing to adhere to these rules. Most importantly, you need to agree to have rapid Covid-19 tests taken during the party.

Please be vaccinated

We will not be making vaccination mandatory. However, seriously, you are going to stay in a hall with tons of other sceners from all around the world for four days. Not being vaccinated in such a setting would be very foolish. Please go get boostered prior to the party.

testing on-site

We will be providing free antibody quick-tests on site. These are mandatory to be done prior to entering the hall, and optional but recommended to take daily.

Should you be arriving from a high-risk scenario (for example air travel), please do a PCR test at the airport.

Wear a button

Every visitor will receive one of our status buttons.

A red button means that the person wearing it does not want to have close encounters (hugging) at all.

A yellow one means you are asked to wear  a mask when approaching.

A green one means getting close is fine.